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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by xryuchan27 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:13 pm

1. How was Moi-xRyu Scanlations formed?

Originally it was meant for a place where xryuchan27 could compile every doujinshi scanlations she did (hence the group name where "Moi" is a French word for "I" which can also be used as "mine" and "xRyu" is from her username) but as soon as she got more projects and went looking for more staff members, it became so big that it became a full-fledged scanlation group after we started working on manga as well.

2. What kind of projects MXR Scans do?

We mainly work on BL/Yaoi/Shounen-Ai/MalexMale/Gay manga and doujinshi of fandoms that aren't that popular.

3. How can I read your releases?

You can access our releases from under the Projects list or read them online in our Reader. All of our projects are open to anyone who can read, we only ask to support the mangaka if you liked their works. The links will never be deleted or removed (unless it has been licensed), so no worries.

4. Can I upload your works to online reader sites?

We do not mind as long as you wait for 24 hours before uploading any of our projects. Be sure to have our credits page always on the first page. However, please do not upload any of the "Read Only" projects of ours because those are mostly from Libre.

5. What is Libre?

Libre is a manga publisher, Libre Shuppan, they own the rights of the manga. For more info: [][/url]

The following are Libre publications:

  • B-boy Cube
  • B-boy Honey
  • B-boy Kichiku
  • B-boy Phoenix
  • Be x Boy GOLD
  • Be x Boy Magazine
  • Citron Comics
  • Junk! Boy
  • Kurofune Momo
  • Kurofune Zero
  • Shousetsu B-Boy

So, we would like you to not post any of our works from them in any online reader sites once they have become licensed.

6. Can I re-upload your work onto another hosting site (dropbox/box/mediafire/ect.)?

If our links are dead, yes you can. But please keep our inserts intact.

7. Can I translate XXX to another language?

Yes, you can. Just leave us a comment here after reading our rules, ofc.

8. How often do you release?

We release when we have finished projects. We do not have a definite release schedule. We will release multiple projects on these special days - Group's Anniversary, Founder's Birthday, and Christmas.

9. Can I make a request?

We only accept requests if you can provide raw scans (without watermarks on them or is in good quality) for us to work on. If you have a canon scanner and wouldn't mind buying a few books for us, that’s fine too.

We are not accepting requests and/or suggestions at the moment. Sorry.

10. Will you accept donations?

Yes, if you can and want, you can donate. All contributions towards the group will go towards buying more books and pay for the website hosting.

If you want to donate, please send all donations to via PayPal or click here. If you want to donate or provide a manga or doujinshi, do send us an email!

11. Would you like to do a joint?

Yes, we can. Although it usually depends on the manga you want to work on, like if it requires a certain position we are lacking of but your group can provide it, and if you don't mind us being slow. If you still want to joint project with us, send us an email.

12. Help! How can I open the .rar/.zip files?

If you do not have WinRAR installed on your computer, install it now. You can just extract the .rar/.zip files in to your designated folder and viola! :>

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